The Algae-free Package for Guaranteed Clear Water

The pond should be kept several times. cleaned annually in order to remove the bundled nutrients, i.e. the Impurities such as dead algae, leaves and sludge, from from the water. This is made possible, for example, by a Professional pond sludge suction cleaner. The pond cleaning also includes the filtered water recirculation with a fine filter. So the pond cleaned in all respects.

1. Elimination of algae in an environmentally friendly way with the G-Sonic click system

Click for click is done with high-precision Tone in a gentle and environmentally friendly way the algae under the I’m under a lot of stress. Chemicals are therefore unnecessary. Through successive clicking tones of very high frequency the Vacuole, the core of the single-celled organism, set in permanent vibration and the algae dies. The G-Sonic suppresses algae formation all year round.

2.  The algae-free pond vacuum cleaner

The algae-free pond sludge vacuum cleaner with 8000 l/h extraction capacity is suitable for every application in the pond. suitable. The pond sludge vacuum cleaner for garden ponds offers a high suction power and can remove sediments from up to 2.5 m Deep suction. soil sediments are formed by dead plants and algae and settle at the bottom of the pond. These nutrients must regularly removed from the pond.

3.  Filtered water recirculation

In order to obtain sustainable clear water, the water should be filtered and recycled. The algae fine filter mesh bag, bow sieve filter or drum filter mechanically filters the water return. The extracted water is led through a filter back into the pond.

The following products are suitable depending on the size of the pond:

The filtered water recirculation retains nutrient-rich particles and thus interrupts the algae vicious circle in the pond. With this algae free set you get the algae problem simply under control.

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