Application Areas

The fields of application are manifold: Everywhere with standing water for aquariums, biotopes, ponds, natural pools, swimming ponds, garden ponds, fish ponds, greenhouses, ships, etc. Also in the industry the algae freeing devices provide clear water, biofilm and algae formation for a chemical free, natural and environmentally friendly solution.

Aquarium, fish tank
Biotopes, garden ponds
Natural pools, natural ponds
Swimming ponds, swimming pools
Swimming ponds, swimming pools
Motor ships – & sailboats, yachts
Cooling basin industry

The algae eliminators are absolutely maintenance-free and prevent algae growth with effective click tones. The click tones prevent the formation of algae, which makes the water clearer and considerably reduces the amount of maintenance required.

G-Sonic 5 for biotopes, small ponds, large aquariums up to 5m length

The sound range of the smallest model G-Sonic 5 is a maximum of 5m and is particularly suitable for biotopes, small ponds, garden ponds and open large aquariums.

Malawi Aquarium with G-Sonic 5 against beard algae
Malawi Aquarium with G-Sonic 5 against beard algae

The sound range of the G-Sonic 10 is maximum 10m and is especially suitable for larger biotopes, ponds, garden ponds, as well as for small swimming ponds with the G-Sonic 10 S.

Garden pond with G-Sonic 10 against green and floating algae

G-Sonic 20 S for swimming ponds, natural pools, large garden ponds

The sound range of the G-Sonic 20 S is a maximum of 20m and is particularly suitable for large ponds and swimming ponds.

Swimming pond, natural pool with G-Sonic 20 S against green algae
Swimming pond, natural pool with G-Sonic 20 S against green algae

G-Sonic 50 S for swimming ponds, small lakes from 25m to 50m

The sound range of the G-Sonic 50 S is 50m in turbid water and is particularly suitable for large ponds and swimming ponds with a length between 25m and 75m, depending on water quality.

Swimming pond with the G-Sonic 50 S for clear water

Y-Sonic Antifouling for Ships, Motorboats and Sailing Ships

Underwater algae free with the with Y-Sonic 10, Y-Sonic 20: Algae and mussels are a big problem for every boat owner and damage the ship’s hull.

Y-Sonic Antifouling for a clean ship hull

G-Sonic 100 in industry and environmental technology

The Clicktechnik is a very environmentally friendly process method for more and more applications and processes in industry. Especially where water is used in large areas to lower the temperature and avoid residues or side effects of chemicals. The G-Sonic 100 has already been used successfully in environmental technology on several occasions.

Industrial cooling basin with G-Sonic 100

Also in small cooling basins with the G-Sonic 10 where pure water is used without the addition of chemicals to stop algae formation and biofilm.

Cooling water basin for ceramic casting, e.g. illuminant Manufacturer

G-Sonic 10 – 100 for water basins in plant breeding, nurseries and garden centres

Algae have a negative effect on the water quality and contaminate or clog filters. The biofilm, a slimy deposit which serves bacteria and germs as culture medium, is degraded by the algae eliminator G-Sonic 10, G-Sonic 20, G-Sonic 50, G-Sonic 100.

Rainwater retention basin in a nursery with two G-Sonic 10 for a 360° click tone distribution
Rainwater retention basin in a nursery with two G-Sonic 10 for a 360° click tone distribution

Further Application fields

Everywhere in the water where algae are produced, with standing water, the intelligent click technology can be used.

Water Reservoir, Water Tank

Greenhouses, Tree Nurseries, Plant Breeders & Co.

Algae cause major economic damage in water tanks, water reservoirs for greenhouses, tree nurseries and plant breeders. The algae have a negative effect on the water quality, reduce the light irradiation as they colonize glass surfaces, pollute or clog filters.

Water reservoir for plant cultivation, tree nursery

The fight against algae requires a large use of working time and cleaning agents, chemicals of various kinds, which will reduce the productivity of the company and massively increase costs.

The G-Sonic-50 is suitable for algae control in large tanks and pools. The effect sets in quickly. Suspended algae die after two to three days, green algae after about three to four weeks. Once in use, the device does not require any maintenance.

Example tree nursery

With the use of two G-Sonic 10, the water reservoir is free of algae. No new algae are produced and the filters no longer clog. The cleaning effort has been reduced enormously.

G-Sonic float for a 360° click tone propagation in the water tank
G-Sonic 10 electronic controls for outdoor use (IP65)
G-Sonic 10 electronic controls for outdoor use (IP65)

The investment pays off very quickly

  • In the water basin (diameter 20m) were always many algae, which clogged the filters. A cleaning of the water basin had to be carried out several times, which led continuously to a considerable expenditure.
  • The nursery can irrigate the water for deciduous trees, conifers, fruit, berries, roses, hedge plants, avenue trees, ornamental grasses, climbing plants, bog plants, bamboo, ground cover plants, shrubs and Mediterranean plants without clogged filters by algae and the working time is considerably reduced.
  • The glass surfaces become more translucent, air, water and soil quality improve and consequently plant growth increases.
  • Cleaning agents and chemicals are saved or can even be dispensed with.
  • Glass and floors need to be cleaned much less frequently.
  • Nutrient-rich water can be reused, water recycling.

Many plant diseases are caused by germs and bacteria in the water. Dutch and Belgian plant breeders, for example, use chemistry to combat the cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus). In many cases UV disinfection is used, in which the plants are irradiated with ultraviolet lamps (UV). However, the combination of UV and click tones is far more successful than if only UV is used. An example of this is the significantly higher performance of the lower power consumption when UV is supplemented with click tones. The reason for this is the increased monitoring of the water treatment with the effective click tones.

Sonic Antifouling for Powerboat, Sailboat

Motorboat, Ship, Yachts, Catamaran, Trimaran

Ship hulls littered with algae and shells are a great nuisance for every boat owner. Not only is the unattractive appearance annoying, but the ships also suffer long-term damage from the algae. In the beginning the algae and mussels make the materials rough and destroy the paint, after a longer time the hulls even become brittle. The protective coatings often used, on the other hand, are an expensive, labour-intensive and environmentally damaging measure.

Sailing without algae, mussel growth for more speed and fun

The Y-Sonic Antifouling Algae Cleaner reliably prevents the adhesion of algae by means of click tones. Already infested hulls will also be freed sustainably. The effect sets in quickly, after a few weeks the algae die off and can be wiped off.

Suitable for boats, yachts, catamarans made of GRP, steel or aluminium. For catamarans the application per hull should be used. Depending on algae infestation, up to 10% fuel can be saved during engine operation. By installing the antifouling system, the hull speed increases through the water, reducing the resistance in the water.

Hull from motorboat algae-free

Are antifouling paints still necessary?

We always recommend the combination of antifouling with our click system. Nevertheless, we have very good references without antifouling, only with our click system. The ship’s hulls are freed from algae and kept free exclusively by high-precision clicks. The nutrient concentration in the water is decisive. For example, if there is a high level of algae in the water or the gelcoat is of poor quality, antifouling may have to be applied in addition to the click system. The combination of antifouling with the algae eliminator always works better than each individual system.

The installation of the algae collector is simple: the click generator is attached to the inside of the ship’s hull (ideally in the bilge). The click tones are then through the entire fuselage. You do not need a specialist for installation. Once in use, the device does not require any maintenance.

The purchase price of a Y-Sonic 10 / Y-Sonic 20 is refinanced within a very short time and the effective system eliminates the need for expensive antifouling paints.

Thanks to the algae-free hull, the boat glides through the water with little resistance. With the algae remover an antifouling coat is not necessary every year.

Y-Sonic installation

The installation can easily be done by yourself or by your local shipyard. Our Y-Sonic Antifouling installation manual is supplied with the device.

Optimal Installation Position

Antifouling Y-sonic-10
Position of the click generator for a motorboat, sailing yacht up to 10m LWL
Position of the click generator für a motorboat, sailing yacht up to 20m LWL
Position of the click generator for a motorboat, sailing yacht up to 20m LWL

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