Aquariums, Small Garden-, Fish Ponds

The common methods of removing algae from small ponds and aquariums are relatively costly. UVC lamps, chemicals or manual fishing of algae are time-consuming and, over time, very costly.

G-Sonic-5 für Biotopes

The G-Sonic 5 is the ideal solution to keep small ponds and aquariums free of algae.

The Algae Cleaner prevents the growth of algae, provides lasting protection against algae and ensures clear water. Existing algae die quickly and the development of new ones is prevented and the cleaning effort is considerably minimized.

Algae are very sensitive and react to the click sounds with a cell wall damage. Depending on the type of algae, they die within approx. 2 to 6 weeks.

Biotope, bio pond with G-Sonic algae remover against algae formation

These click tone frequencies are not audible for fish, that their hearing range is limited to 400-800 Hz.

G-Sonic 5 Algae control in Malawisee aquarium

The effect sets in quickly. Suspended algae die after two to three days, thread algae after three to four weeks. The installation is very simple with the help of the operating instructions. Once it has been put into operation, the device does not require any maintenance.

Aquarium without algae

The cichlids have offspring