G-Sonic 100

The G-Sonic 100 Algae controller is specially designed for large ponds, irrigation basins and lakes thanks to its effective click sound range of up to 100 metres. The G-Sonic 100 Algae Exterminator prevents algae growth in large ponds, cooling and water basins, lakes up to 100 m long. With clear water, the sound range is up to 200 metres.

G-Sonic 100 for large waters
Click generator (max. 4)

The G-Sonic 100 is absolutely maintenance-free and effectively prevents algae growth, thus ensuring clear water. Already existing floating algae die within a few days, green algae within 3 to 4 weeks, thread algae after approx. 7 weeks.

The G-Sonic 100 also causes the biofilm (algae mucus layer) on the walls to be broken down by up to 2/3 and thus effectively prevents pathogens (pathogens) from multiplying.

Operation with photovoltaics, solar panels

The G-Sonic 100 can be operated with 24VDC (Volt DC voltage) to cover the energy demand with a photovoltaic system. Battery capacity: 500Ah, 16 hours/day in daylight, 5 bad weather days (autonomy days).

Technical Specifications

  • Power consumption 75 Watt
  • Sound range 100 meters, lateral 50 meters each (per click generator)
  • 1 click generator with 15 m signal cable length, plug 3-pole IP68. Optionally up to 4 click generators can be upgraded (see accessories)
  • Voltage electronic control 24VDC / 88-264VAC, 47-63Hz (1m cable with connector)
  • Click generator (dimensions Lxdiameter 180×63 mm)
  • Click Generator Mounting
  • Electronics box Dimensions LxWxH 410x350x325 mm
  • Weight 5.5 kg
  • Life span up to 10 years
  • EU quality product with 2 years warranty

Warranty & Guarantee

Conditions for all warranty claims are listed in the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the proper and professional installation of the devices gm. Installation instructions.

  • 2 years manufacturer warranty

Delivery Worldwide

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