The Algae-free Package for Guaranteed Clear Water

The pond should be kept several times. cleaned annually in order to remove the bundled nutrients, i.e. the Impurities such as dead algae, leaves and sludge, from from the water. This is made possible, for example, by a Professional pond sludge suction cleaner. The pond cleaning also includes the filtered water recirculation with a fine filter. So the pond cleaned in all respects.

1. Elimination of algae in an environmentally friendly way with the G-Sonic click system

Click for click is done with high-precision Tone in a gentle and environmentally friendly way the algae under the I’m under a lot of stress. Chemicals are therefore unnecessary. Through successive clicking tones of very high frequency the Vacuole, the core of the single-celled organism, set in permanent vibration and the algae dies. The G-Sonic suppresses algae formation all year round.

2.  The algae-free pond vacuum cleaner

The algae-free pond sludge vacuum cleaner with 8000 l/h extraction capacity is suitable for every application in the pond. suitable. The pond sludge vacuum cleaner for garden ponds offers a high suction power and can remove sediments from up to 2.5 m Deep suction. soil sediments are formed by dead plants and algae and settle at the bottom of the pond. These nutrients must regularly removed from the pond.

3.  Filtered water recirculation

In order to obtain sustainable clear water, the water should be filtered and recycled. The algae fine filter mesh bag, bow sieve filter or drum filter mechanically filters the water return. The extracted water is led through a filter back into the pond.

The following products are suitable depending on the size of the pond:

  • Biotopes and small ponds: Fine filter bag for water recirculation 100 micron
  • Ponds from 50m3: Fine mesh filter set 300 micron
  • Ponds from 100m3: Drum filter 50 micron with optional fine filtration 20 micron

The filtered water recirculation retains nutrient-rich particles and thus interrupts the algae vicious circle in the pond. With this algae free set you get the algae problem simply under control.

Pool cleaner, pond robot

Fully automatic pool robots, cleaning robots

The swimming pond cleaner keeps swimming ponds, natural pools and organic swimming ponds clean and ready for bathing. The swimming pond robot can even clean walls vertically!

Dolphine Bio Pool Robot
Dolphine Bio Pool Robot
Swimming pond robot Tosstec
Swimming pond robot Tosstec

Pool Robot Functionality

The water is sucked in, filtered via a powerful pump and with a water throughput of up to 18m³/h and returned to the system. There’s no loss of water during cleaning.

Swimming pond robot for automatic wall cleaning
Swimming pond robot for automatic wall cleaning

The fully automatic swimming pond and bio pool cleaners work extremely efficiently and have different cleaning programs for basins from 8 to 20 m in length. The running time can be freely selected, as can a limitation of the wall ascent to avoid driving over the shallow water area.

Pond robots – Technical data

  • Surface detection by air sensor
  • powerful pump depending on model up to 18m³/h water throughput
  • Drive motors 24 Volt
  • Floating cable length depending on model
  • radio remote control
  • Rotating brushes
  • Control unit Switching power supply unit for power supply

Pool Robot Test & Comparison

In summer, taking a refreshing swim in your own pool or swimming pond is a highlight in hot temperatures. Natural pools must be cleaned manually or automatically. The Pool Pond Robot Comparison and Test shows what you should pay attention to.

Further information

How can the pool robot clean the wall?

Professional pool robots not only clean the floor, but also the walls. The pool robot moves along caterpillar tracks like a tank. Wall cleaning is done by a vacuum on the underside of the pool cleaner. the pool robot is generated by its built-in motor.

Is individual programming possible?

Various programs that can be called up are built into the pool cleaner. A function only floor or floor and wall cleaning as well as the running time are mostly freely selectable.

How long does automatic pool cleaning take?

Normal cleaning usually takes 2-3 hours and the pool robot randomly moves through the pool until it has cleaned everything. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the pool cleaner switches off automatically and can then be removed from the water to clean the filters.

Algaefree Pond Vacuum Cleaner

The algaefree pond cleaner, vacuum silt, sludge, mud for professional pond cleaning

For the removal of silt, algae, leaves and sediments the “algae-free pond vacuum water & mud cleaner” is particularly suitable for any use in garden- or swimming ponds. The professional pond vacuum cleaner with mud sucker function provides great suction power to suck sediments from up to 2.5 m depth. Professional accessories such as telescope rod, suction nozzle and hoses are included.

Algae-free pro pond suckers for the removal of algae, mud and leaves
Algaefree pond cleaner for the simple & efficient removal of algae, silt and leaves

At 8000 litres per hour suction performance, “algae-free pond suckers” is particularly powerful. After the use of clicking tones in the pond, biotope or swimming pond, the algae naturally die and a professional pond cleaning becomes necessary. Mud, algae and leaves, which still contain nutrients, must be removed from the water.

The professional pond silt sucker provides a great suction power to suck sediments from up to 2.5 m depth. Constance sediments are formed by dead plants and algae and settle at the bottom of the pond. These nutrients must be regularly removed from the pond.

The two-chamber system enables continuous work without disturbing interruption. The suckled dirty water is collected in the large collection container. When the oe-first chamber is full, the device automatically switches to the second chamber. The sucked mud broth can then be easily filtered back or disposed of in garden bed or under bushes, where it still serves as a natural fertilization.

1200 watts suction turbine with sponge filter

Equipped with a 1200 watt suction turbine and 800 watts of dirty water pump, the pond sucker is enormously strong and generates a suction force of 240 mable underpressure to effortlessly suck sediments from up to 2.5 m depth. The suction turbine has a sponge filter to intercept dirt.

800 watts thick dirty water pump in tank with mesh bag as coarse filter

A mesh bag in the pond mud sucker ensures that pond creatures (molks, small frogs), thread algae and coarser ports, such as leaves, are collected stones. The pond dwellers are spared in the event of an unforeseen suction.

With the algae-free pond silt, sludge cleaner the basic cleanses are simplified and it is thus the perfect solution for a well-kept pond up to 200 m2 for natural ponds & pools.

The necessary professional accessories such as extendable telescope rod (3-piece, 3×1.2 m), round suction nozzle, 10m long suction hose and 10m long drain hose with C-clutch is included in the overall package. A wide range of accessories such as suction curls, floor cleaners, triangular floor brushes, deep-seater and a pre-separator are also available.

Detailed information

Note: There are many cheap hardware store pond cleaners, so-called wet suckers. The low-cost wet vacuums are not suitable as mud suckers to suck dirt out of garden ponds, as they only have a suction chamber. Also so-called pond vacuums (among others the Oasis Pondovac 3 & 4) does not convince with its performance and are more suitable for small biotopes, garden ponds.

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