Algae Control in Pond, Biotope

Every garden friend who can enjoy a biotope, pond or his own green oasis will have experienced sudden algae growth. Such increased algae growth is usually due to an excessively high nutrient content in the water. Expensive algae agents and chemicals, so-called algae destroyers, are often used. The problem can be tackled gently and environmentally friendly with click tones.

Algae free Garden pond, biotope
Algae free Garden pond, biotope, swimming pond – a wonderfull place to be during the summer
G-Sonic-10 für Gartenteiche

For the different sizes and forms of ponds, there are corresponding devices and Positioning Variants. You can choose between the G-Sonic 5 , G-Sonic 10 / S, G-Sonic 20 S, G-Sonic 50 S with ranges from 5m up to 50m and the G-Sonic 100 for large ponds and biotopes.

The effect of the click tones sets quickly. Suspended algae already die after five days, Depending on the species, filamentous algae will come to an end after four weeks.

The generated click tones are harmless and without side effects for humans, animals (fish, amphibians) and plant. Fish & amphibians have hearing ability from 50 Hertz to 800 Hertz and do not perceive the click tones.

Except for the ornamental ponds the click generators can be used also in lakes, ponds, swimming and fishing ponds and biotopes. Fish suffer a great deal from algae, which are oxygen content of the water decreases and the PH value of the water in the pond gets worse. Noxious gas bubbles that are present there can cause inflammation, settle in the gills of the fish solid.

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Tip from Algae-free

You do not need to install a Professional, with the help of the instruction manual, it’s child’s play. Once in use, the device does not require any maintenance and the Algae control runs automatically in the background!