Microfibre Pool Wall Cleaner Set

The pool wall cleaner for swimming ponds, pools, natural pools, ponds with foil. The effortless cleaning is extremely hygienic and chemical-free for a clean swimming pleasure. Pool and swimming pond walls can be easily cleaned without great effort. One part is sucked off directly via the sludge extractor, a large part gets stuck in the microfibre and one part inevitably goes into the water. This product is particularly suitable for people with back problems.

Microfibre cloth for perfect cleaning

Biological pond cleaning

Without chemicals and absolutely environmentally friendly. With regular maintenance cleaning, chemical cleaning agents can be completely saved and disinfectants such as chlorine can be reduced. Through the efficient reduction of deposits and their reaction products, chlorine retains its full disinfectant effect, thus preventing possible odour nuisances.

Pool wall cleaner set telescopic pole included

Hygienic & Clean

Hygiene should not be a recurring theme in a bathing facility. With the regular use of the Edlrein pool wall cleaner you can enjoy a carefree bathing pleasure. Durable High quality and long lasting durability. The selected materials of the individual components, such as the base plate, super microfibre, stainless steel retaining bracket or the twist-resistant profiled telescopic rod, should give pleasure over a long period of time. The plastic of the holding plate and the super microfibre cloth do not release any harmful substances into the water or the environment. An extensive series of tests in various bathing waters was carried out with specially imposed standards and extensive test criteria, such as a long-term abrasion test.

Base plate, super microfibre, retaining bracket with telescopic rod

Easy pool cleaning

The microfibre can easily be washed off with a garden hose or put into the washing machine.

All included in the set

  • Retaining plate (300 x 230 mm) incl. floating hose connection
  • Telescopic rod (3 parts, 160 to 420 cm)
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth (350 x 240 mm)
  • Microfibre glove

Application video

Advantages over conventional brushes

Brushes or scrubbing pads can scratch or roughen the surface of the film. The sediment, biofilm to be sucked off is redistributed many times. With microfiber cleaning, the time intervals for cleaning are postponed up to several weeks, as the surface is pore-deep clean and freed of the biofilm. Prerequisite is regular use, maintenance cleaning.

Warranty & Guarantee

Conditions for all warranty claims are listed in the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the proper and professional installation of the devices gm. Installation instructions.

  • 2 years manufacturer warranty and guarantee

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