PO4 Phosphate Binder 2.5 L

The PO4 phosphate binder actively combines with the nutrients contained in the water and ensures clear water. The application is PH-neutral and turbidity substances are precipitated. In the case of an initial application, a brief turbidity usually occurs, which is quickly filtered out by the filter system or settles on the ground in order to be extracted manually afterwards.

PO4 Phosphate binder 2.5 litres

The method for water care can be used temporarily in the following cases: refilling or replenishment. The application in water does not irritate the skin nor mucous membranes and has no influence on the surface tension and ideal for people who are lower of an Chlorine allergy.


  • To be used for the first filling of tap water or well water to extract the nutrients from the water.


  • New filling 25-50 ml phosphate binder per m³ water
  • Follow-up dosage 15-30 ml per 10 m³ weekly

Safety instructions

  • Contains lanthanum chloride (avoid overdosage)

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