Pond Suction Gravel Bell

No Gravel suction, just sediments, mud, leaves, debris

The pond cleaning suction bell is suitable for ponds, swimming ponds with rotating handle, incl. 2 adapter pieces Ø 50 mm and Ø 38 mm and a funnel diameter of 220 mm. The suction ring with brushes is optionally available as an accessory.

Mud sucker, transparent suction cup XL
Mud sucker, transparent suction cup

Gravel surfaces cannot be cleaned with a floor brush because stones are sucked in and the hose connection is blocked. This no longer happens with a suction bell, as the vacuum generated is set so that the stones are lifted by the suction, but fall back onto the ground.

The professional suction bell cleans efficiently and playfully the most different surfaces and undergrounds. For gentle extraction of dirt from sensitive natural floors. The transparent suction bell made of indestructible polycarbonate for visual inspection. Adapter handle made of high-performance polyamide (five times stronger than standard handles) 360° rotatable. Interchangeable suction ring with stepped design to protect the pond liner.

With the 220mm large funnel the sediment extraction is super easy. The extraction bell efficiently cleans a wide variety of pond surfaces and subfloors for gentle extraction of dirt from sensitive natural floors. With the transparent suction bell the optical control remains during the suction.

Also known as “Oase Pondovac Premium Suction Bell for Gravel” Mud Vacuum Cleaner with transparent polycarbonate bell, matching the Pondovac Premium Vacuum pond cleaners.

Technical Specifications

  • Suction cup transparent with large funnel Ø220mm
  • Suction connection for hose for Ø38mm Ø50mm hoses
  • Press clip Holder for the telescopic rod
  • Suction connection for hose diameter 38 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1 kg
  • EU product

Warranty & Guarantee

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  • 2 years manufacturer warranty and guarantee

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