Professional Water Test Case

Laboratory for freshwater analysis

The JBL Testlab, Test case with tests for freshwater analysis for the professional pond owner and aquarist.

JBL Testlab, test case with tests for freshwater analysis

The test laboratory pays for all important water values for reliable water analysis. 9 different tests for comprehensive water analysis:

  • 2 x pH 3.0-10, pH 6.0-7.6
  • CO2 table
  • 2 x GH
  • 2 x KH
  • Phosphate PO4
  • Ammonium NH4
  • 2 x nitrite NO2
  • Nitrate NO3
  • Iron Fe

Waterproof plastic case with 11 glass cuvettes, thermometer, ballpoint pen and protocol sheets. Includes 2 syringes for easy and exact measurement of water quantities.

Large Water Test Laboratory Contents

JBL Testlab: Professional test laboratory for the reliable analysis of all
important water values of your aquarium biotope. Further information on
for the individual tests, please refer to the corresponding
Product instructions:

  • JBL pH Test Set 3.0-10.0
  • JBL pH Test Set 6.0-7.6
  • JBL GH test
  • JBL KH test
  • JBL Phosphate Test Set PO4
  • JBL Ammonium Test Set NH4
  • JBL Nitrite Test Set NO2
  • JBL Nitrate Test Set NO3
  • JBL Iron Test Set Fe

pH Acid 6,5-8.5 Nutrient for algae

KH value

Carbon hardness 5-10 Bicarbonate acts as a pH buffer (calcium, magn.)

GH value

Total hardness 10-12 Concentration of Calcium & Magnesium Salts
NO2 value Nitrite 0 mg/l Nutrient for bacteria

NO3 value

Nitrate 0 mg/l Nutrient for algae

CI value

chlorine Poison for plants, fishes

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