Sludge Bag

The fine filter sludge bag is for water recirculation and filters particles as small as 100 microns. The particles accumulated in the filter bag swell until it is completely filled. The purified water continuously swells out of the filter bag and flows back into the pond. The dimensions are fully extended approx. 160cm x 50cm.

Algae-free fine filter bag
Algae-free fine filter bag
Fine filter bag 100micron
Fine filter bag 100micron

Fine filter bags allow pond vacuuming without the need for a water loss. With this useful solution you can use pond water and return it to the pond after cleaning. The The fine filter bag is attached to the drain hose of the pond vacuum cleaner as usual. connected. With the supplied fixation strap you can fix the the drain hose in place.

For the fine filtration the fine filter bag is very suitable to return the valuable water. The danger of nutrient-rich refill water is averted by the water recirculation, so that no new nutrients (phosphates, nitrates, etc.) are filled into the pond, otherwise algae growth takes place again.

Included in delivery:

  • Fine filter bag approx. 160cm x 50cm
  • Hose anchor for 32mm, 38mm, 40mm, 50mm hoses
  • Velcro tape for fastening
  • Detailed instructions

First a pond basic cleaning is recommendable, since otherwise the bag can clog too fast. The fine filter bag is suitable for water filtration in order to return the valuable water.

If there is slight soiling, the fine filter bag can also be used directly.

After a quick basic cleaning and the discharge of dirty water, work should begin with the fine filter bag. In this way, the water throughput remains high. As a rule, permeability decreases during pond suction. In return, the filter fineness increases. This means that the water that is fed back into the pond has a certain turbidity. This turbidity disappears after 1-2 days and settles as fine precipitation in the pond.

Note: It still makes sense to first create a and the heavily soiled water is to be cleaned and the to be derived. In the aftermath, the fine filter bag can then be used to the water loss remains the same with this procedure. low overall, with only slight pond contamination the Fine filter bag can also be used directly.

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