ClickSonic AG with Headquarters in Switzerland is specialised in water treatment and committed to ecologically, economically and socially responsible use of water and nature resources. The Managing Director Martin Studer has been dealing with the subject water treatment against algae with high-precision click tones, pond cleaning products and filter systems since 2007. The product range is the result of many years of proven experience.

With its logistics center in Efringen-Kirchen, Germany (near Basel), ClickSonic AG always strives to ensure prompt delivery and free support. The production facilities are in the EU, products for inspection, for a warranty return or for repair go straightforward directly to the repair shop in Germany.

General Manager Martin Studer
General Manager
Martin Studer

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As a sponsor we support the non-profit organization “WATER FOR WATER” (WfW). In Switzerland and many developed countries, clean water is a matter of course. However, in many parts of the world this is not the case. This is why WfW, together with over 500 partner companies (restaurants, hotels, companies), promotes the drinking of tap water. What we take for granted, WfW promotes the development of sustainable access to drinking water and basic sanitation in Zambia and Mozambique.