Water Test Strip 6in1 (50)

Test strip for 1 minute quick test of fresh water. The test strips measure the 6 important water values and serve as a quick orientation test for aquarium, pond, well, spring and tap water.

Water test strip 6in1 (50)
JBL Water test strip 6in1 (50)
Water test strip 6in1 (50)
50 pieces 6 in 1 test strip

JBL EasyTest 6in1 Water Test Test Strips

Simply determines the water quality in seconds. Super fast, immerse and the six water values / results are readable within 1 minute:

  • Chlorine (CI2) 0 – 3.0 mg/l
  • pH value (PH) 6.4 – 9.0
  • Carbon hardness (KH) 0 – 20 °dKH
  • Total hardness (GH) 21 °dGH
  • Nitrite (NO2) 0 – 10 mg/l
  • Nitrate (NO3) 0 – 250 mg/l
  • Package: 50 test strips per package
  • Including instructions and color chart
Values Recommended Effect
PH value: Acid 6,5-8.5 Nutrient for algae
KH value Carbonate hardness
Bicarbonate acts as a pH buffer
(calcium, Magn.)
GH value Total Hardness 10-12 Concentration of calcium & magnesium salt
NO2 value Nitrite 0 mg / l Nutrient for Baktieren
NO3-value Nitrate 0 mg / l Nutrient for algae
CI value Chlorine Gift for plants, fish

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