Y-Sonic 20

The Y-Sonic 20 Antifouling device prevents the adhesion of algae and mussels in the range of max. 20m ship length. Already infested ship hulls are also freed from algae and mussels in the long term.

Y-Sonic 10 Antifouling algae remover for ships up to 20m LWL
Position of the click generator für a motorboat, sailing yacht up to 20m LWL
Position of the click generator for a motorboat, sailing yacht up to 20m LWL

The installation can be done by yourself or by your shipyard.

Is an antifouling on the ship, yacht, boat necessary?

We always recommend the combination of antifouling with our click system. Nevertheless, we have very good references without antifouling, only with our click system, where only the hull is kept free by high-precision clicks. The decisive factor is the Nutrient concentration in water. However, there are also experiences where e.g. with a high algae concentration or a worse quality of the gelcoat, hard lacquer the click tones alone are not enough, just like the antifouling. The combination of antifouling with the click system always works better than each system individually.

Annual antifouling coatings are no longer necessary, the hull glides better through the water thanks to the lower resistance. The biofilm still remains slightly, but without algae or mussel formation. The hull of the yacht, boat or ship is thus protected against algae infestation.

Due to the very low energy consumption of effectively 30 watts, operation with battery-buffered solar collectors is possible. The Solar Charger is responsible for the control.

The Y-Sonic 20 has a preventive and curative effect on boats/vessels with fiberglas GRP, plastic, carbon, steel and aluminium hulls. The Y-Sonic 20 is for yachts, boats and ships over 10m length, up to 20m length.

Technical Specifications

  • Power consumption 30 Watt
  • Electronic control voltage 24VDC / 88-264VAC, 47-63Hz (1m cable with device connector)
  • Click generator cable length 5m each
  • Electronics box Dimensions LxWxH 130x130x60mm
  • Weight 3 kg
  • Life cycle up to 10 years
  • EU quality product with 2 years warranty

Guarantee & Warranty

Conditions for all warranty claims are listed in the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the proper and professional installation of the devices according to the installation instructions.

  • 2 years warranty and guarantee

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