G-Sonic 20 S

The G-Sonic 20 S natural algae killer device is specially designed for swimming ponds, natural pools, swimming biotopes, larger garden and fish ponds or swimming pools due to its effective click sound range of up to max. 20 metres. Only 24 volt signals are sent to the click generator, in compliance with the swimming pond standard VDE 702-100.

G-Sonic 20 S für Swimming ponds
G-Sonic 20 S for swimming ponds
Click Generator Mounting
Click Generator Mounting

The G-Sonic 20 S is absolutely maintenance-free and effectively prevents algae growth and thus provides for clear water. Existing floating algae are dying. within a few days, green algae within 3 to 4 weeks, Thread algae after 6-8 weeks.

The G-Sonic 20 S also provides the Degradation of the biofilm (algae slime layer) on the walls up to 2/3 and thus effectively prevents the pathogens (pathogen) can multiply.

When swimming, at most an interval-like clicking sound can be heard, as the human ear can hear through the skin. With a short-time timer we recommend to turn it off while swimming.

Due to the very low energy consumption of only 22 watts, even operation with battery-buffered solar collectors is possible.

Technical specifications

  • Compliance with the swimming pond standard VDE 702-100 (24 Volt signals to the click generator)
  • Power consumption 22 Watt
  • Voltage electronic control 24VDC / 88-264VAC, 47-63Hz (1m cable with connector)
  • Click generator Signal cable length 10m
  • Click generator mounting
  • Electronics box Dimensions LxWxH 130x130x60mm
  • Click generator dimensions Lxdiameter 120x63mm
  • Sound range 20-25 meters, lateral 10 meters each
  • Weight 2.3kg
  • Life span up to 10 years
  • EU quality product with 2 years warranty

Warranty, Guarantee

Conditions for all warranty claims are listed in the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the proper and professional installation of the devices according to the installation instructions delivered with your device.

Delivery Worldwide

Order online and we will deliver your G-Sonic worldwide in more than 150 countries to you. Find an overview of prices and shipping time you in the shopping cart.

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