Mesh Fine Filter Sieve 300 Micron

Algae, sediment fine filter – water filter

is particularly suitable for pond cleaning to return the valuable water. Mechanical filtration catches the finest deposits, as well as green algae and thread algae. Fine filtration with water recirculation means that no nutrient-rich filling water (phosphates and nitrates) needs to be supplied and water consumption is reduced. With the C-coupling, the filter is connected to the sludge vacuum cleaner on the outlet side. The outlet of the water filter has one 75 mm tube in diameter. The stainless steel sieve element has a mesh size of 300 microns.

Function of the fine filter

The pumped water from the pond vacuum cleaner rises via the C-coupling into the water chamber and falls from above onto the metal screen elements. One mesh size of 300 micron diameter are used on the fine filter metal screen element. The contaminants are separated, which are larger than the nominal mesh size of the stainless steel screen elements. The dirt particles slide down the metal screen, where they can be removed manually. The cleaned water runs down through the 75mm outlet pipe back into the pond. The algae fine filter is not suitable for screening sludge / dense sediment and therefore quickly clogs.

Technical Specifications

  • Size L 50 x W 40 x H 65 cm
  • Filter frame: 300 micron Mesh size
  • Water rising chamber Water connection: C-coupling
  • Connections: C-coupling, 1 outlet pipe 75mm, overflow pipe 75mm
  • Water flow rate: up to 15,000 litres per hour
  • Weight: 12 kg

Heavily contaminated water, in particular sludge water, must be drained off first during a basic cleaning, as otherwise the fine filter water filter is overloaded and the sieve elements are closed.

Warranty & Guarantee

Conditions for all warranty claims are listed in the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the proper and professional installation of the devices gm. Installation instructions.

  • 2 years manufacturer warranty and guarantee

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