Pond Consulting and Analysis

Algae-free offers a free consultation and analysis to find the optimal position of the algae control device in the water object. The intelligent technology can be used for large aquariums, biotopes, ponds, natural pools, swimming ponds, bathing lakes, water reservoirs, yachts, boats, ships – wherever there is standing water.

The free consultation can be requested as soon as the criteria according to the G-Sonic checklist are fulfilled.

To enable our experts to make the optimum assessment for the water object, please send us the complete characteristic data using the form below.

Overview of the required characteristic data

  • Your country & postcode, so that we can store your data. Address and telephone number for queries.
  • Photographs (a complete photo and detailed photos of the problem zones) * Mass of the water object: length, width, depth (for objects with different depths, a cross-sectional sketch is required) *
  • Water values (mandatory for koi and fish ponds): phosphates (PO4), total hardness (GH), carbon hardness (KH), nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3-), pH value (PH). Water test sets: 6in1, phosphate test for multiple applications are available in the online water test shop.
  • Filter system and other technical equipment (particularly important for Koi and fish ponds)
  • Obstacles (stones, plants, etc.) / External ponds, biotopes, water inlets (from a stream or stone) must be visible
  • For groundwater or fresh water supply: the quantity in cubic litres per day

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