UV water purification against algae in ponds has no effect

Many of our customers (e.g. with koi fish) combine the UVC pond lamps with algae-free devices, since the UVC lamp alone does not guarantee clear water and often only has an insufficient effect against thread algae.

UV Lamp in housing

In a freshly filled pond there are automatically plenty of nutrients at the beginning. Since the algae do not yet have enough competition in the fight for fertilizer from newly planted plants, they multiply explosively. A UVC lamp can destroy floating algae, but not filamentous algae.

If the dead and decomposing algae are not removed from the pond, they decompose within minutes and the nutrients bound in them remain in the pond, where they serve as food for the next generation of algae. There is competition within the algae, namely between floating and filamentous algae. When the floating algae are no longer present, the filamentous algae multiply at the expense of the floating algae. The particularly stubborn thread algae can be killed with the help of the G-Sonic algae-free device , which also combats green and floating algae.

With an UV lamp ultraviolet light is used to destroy and eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and microorganisms in ponds. The pond water passes the UV light where UVA and UVB rays destroy the important micro life inhabitants in pond and pool waters.

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