Clickton Technology in Industry

Cooling basin industry

Our practical experience with “Low Power Algae Cleaner with 8-22 Watt” in ponds shows that floating algae die within a few days (maximum 1 week), green algae within a few weeks (maximum 1 month). In addition, bacteria and Escherichia coli (E. coli) are reduced or eliminated.

High power ultrasonic devices over 1000 watts are used in the food industry, automation and environmental technology. The disintegration of organic cells takes place within seconds and kills all living beings immediately.

Water Cooling Towers

In industrial production it requires cooling water for a whole range of processes. The water for the cooling system is mainly used for tap water or well water and algae are automatically introduced into the cooling system.

Cooling towers usually show algae growth and the algae attack the concrete. Due to the dying process of the algae they shrink and damage the concrete surfaces, due to the intensive adhesion of the algae.

In cooling towers, vast amounts of biocides are often used to reduce or control the formation of algae. The costs for the chemicals together with the manual cleaning of the algae removal (mostly by hand with the high pressure cleaner) contribute to a not inconsiderable cost share.

water cooling towers - algae formation in the water basins
Water cooling towers – algae formation in the water basins
Click generator in the water basin against algae instead of chemicals
Click generator in the water basin against algae instead of chemicals


In biotechnology, click tones are used in the manipulation and separation of biological cells for the targeted disintegration of their contents. In the field of disinfection, for example, the click-tone method can be used as an environmentally friendly substitute for chlorinated solvents and disinfectants. With click tones, disinfection can be achieved by dissolving bacterial accumulations and reducing the bactericide level.

Water treatment

Another application in the field of environmental technology is the use of click tones in drinking water treatment, whereby the click tones support conventional processes such as UV irradiation and ozone treatment. Click tones are also used when it comes to keeping waters free of algae or other biological cultures. It is an extremely environmentally friendly process because it does not require any chemical additives.

Other applications

  • The algae concentration in industrial Reduce cooling circuits
  • Eliminate bacteria, pathogenic germs in open cooling basins
  • Biofilm to reduce algae film in cooling water basin, e.g. illuminant manufacturer
In ceramic housing production, the housings are cooled with pure water after die casting in the cooling basin. The G-Sonic 10 prevents the formation of algae and the biofilm in the water basin.

Algae-free controllers for industry

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